Sunday, February 10, 2008

Great Lakes Danger Zones?

An exhaustive federal study of environmental hazards in the eight Great Lakes states was supposed to be released last July, but the Bush administration has kept it under wraps - reportedly because it contained such potentially "alarming information" as evidence of elevated infant mortality and cancer rates.

The Center for Public Integrity published key excerpts of the report that top officials of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention thought was too hot for the public to handle.

Click here to read the investigation.

The Center is receiving tremendous recognition to our report, Iraq: the War Card - Orchestrated Deception on the Path to War. In only two weeks since its release, it has already generated a great deal of worldwide news coverage and citizen response.

Here are a few things people are saying about it:

  • "Sure to evoke passionate responses from supporters and opponents of the Iraq war..." (USA Today)
  • A nonprofit group pursuing old-fashioned accountability journalism..." (The Washington Post)
  • The Center "has done a real service to place nearly 1,000 of these in one easy-to-access location..." (Daily Kos)

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