Sunday, October 14, 2007

Time Time Time See Whats Become Of Me

And before you know it is October when the last time you looked it was July...Sometimes the world spins faster than Bill O'Reilly defending his masters, the Republican Noise Machine.
Al Gore, since having his presidency stolen, due to some uncounted votes- continues to serve his country with honor, and has been awarded a Nobel Prize. And the Corporate Interest Noise Machine came out against him with a Passion unseen since that Mel Gibson movie...
And on the subjects of zealots...InfoCision is raking in the money for Rod Parsley and their second favorite viewing channel, after Fox News, The Inspiration Network.
Rod seems to be sharpening his rhetorical skills for the Election Season...preparing his followers to dial the InfoCision phone lines to give him their almighty dollar, to fight against those that threaten America. Or maybe Rod just wants a new private jet to vacation on or just some work done on one of mansions.

InfoCision did lose a part of its past with the death of Rex Humbard. Rex Humbard Ministries gave birth to InfoCision Management Corporation. It was interesting that the great faith healer Benny Hinn was at the services. If only Benny used his powers to heal Rex...Maybe Rex did not have enough faith for the Benny Hinn power to work...Maybe Rex did not give enough money to Hinn for the Healing Miracle to work. More likely the InfoCision employee taking Rex's call for Benny Hinn Ministries typed Rex's name and address wrong and the Miracle Healing went to someone else...
Another InfoCision client, James Dobson and his group, Focus On The Family has been in up in arms over the Republican Parties candidates for president. James lost his religion over the current group republican of candidates running for president, threatening to form a Third Party challenge with a candidate that practices a Dobson approved brand of Christianity. One could draw the conclusion Erik Prince would be his ideal of a president, considering the long close ties the two have...The truth will come out of the closet in due time.

With all the political religious battles going here- the religious battles raging in the Middle East go almost unnoticed. Israel performed a air strike against Syria. At the same time it is stealing the land of the Palestinians, all in the name of preserving a "Jewish" state. It has been said what the Palestinians need is a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton to make the rounds on the talk shows decrying how racist it is to have state only for one race of people.
But Jesse and Al are busy defending the Jena 6. 6 criminals, who happened to be black who nearly killed a innocent man, who happened to be white, and nearly forgotten. In the blur and noise of the lights and cameras of the talk shows passing for news...and before we know it, the calendar will read 2008....

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