Sunday, September 2, 2007

Newt and InfoCision: A Winning Solution for Newt

So the election season is up and running. More and More Shadowy 527s are coming out of the bush to use InfoCision with it's vast army of Christian Republican Extremists to hunt and destroy the Clinton's. And bring theocracy to America. It almost seems like the 1990's again. One can almost see the InfoCision script writers searching their archives for a smear that raised $50 or more in 1994 to recycle and try to get the poor donor to give $75 this time- Because we have to Stop Her Now!. Why even Newt is back on the scene- but then he never went away- He just formed a 527. He and InfoCision have a new 527- It is called American Solutions for Winning the Future

It claims to offer much the same as his GOPAC and that solution seems to be, Hillary Clinton is bad for American. And Don't you believe Newt will make a good president? It seems a very good question any potential donor may have for the InfoCision telemarketer is: Are all these political action committees really doing anything? Or is Newt just fattening his pockets while getting back at his old adversaries? The answer would be yes. For a better understanding of the Newt and InfoCisions newest client is to look at Linda Chavez:

Back in 2001, Republican activist Linda Chavez was Bush’s first choice to serve as Secretary of Labor, looking out for the interests of working people nationwide. She ran into a little trouble when the White House learned that Chavez failed tell the Bush gang about housing a Guatemalan woman whom she hired illegally to clean her house, and then encouraged a neighbor not to talk about the cleaning woman to the FBI when agents asked questions during her background check. Oops.

But never fear, this was a temporary setback for Chavez, who has built a successful network of political action committees. The problem, as the WaPo reported in a fascinating front-page expose, is that Chavez’s PACs don’t appear to do anything — except raise money.

In the years since she was forced to pull her nomination as Bush’s labor secretary after admitting payments to an illegal immigrant, Chavez and her immediate family members have used phone banks and direct-mail solicitations to raise tens of millions of dollars, founding several political action committees with bankable names: the Republican Issues Committee, the Latino Alliance, Stop Union Political Abuse and the Pro-Life Campaign Committee. Their solicitations promise direct action in the “fight to save unborn lives,” a vigorous struggle against “big labor bosses” and a crippling of “liberal politics in the country.”

That’s not where the bulk of the money wound up being spent, however.

Josh Marshall has more. Maybe all maybe money Newt is paying InfoCision will go towards the new stadium...But there is serious doubt about that. One can hardly wait to see what 527 comes out next...


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these people are just downright evil. I bet Newt is rolling in dough over this. Money talks and bs walks the streets of DC. unbelievable.

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hi i work for infocision and i can deffinately tell you they are very evil. i hate the job i just feel so bad doing it, they have me calling people that sound like their about to die and alot of them already are! now their newest attempts are smearing Barack Obama and whoring themselves to newt as usual asking donors to help with the energy crisis. which i am all for to an extent i just dont think we should be calling people and asking for money for a petition or anything im not going into it. i just feel bad for these people im calling you have to talk to these people and actually ads them twice for money, if their senor citizens and on a fixed income youve gotta try and talk them into it. ok so heres the deal i just want to tel lyou what to do when one of us calls by "us" i mean telemarketers and i dont know if im going to be there much longer so until im done with college i may be calling from somewhere else.

just hang up, thats the best thing to do.
if you feel you must talk you could be funny im just doing a job i dont like myself.
people that are mean are funny-- well i think so anyways to an extent.

look i could write out all the scrips and give you all the replys and arguments which in fact all click-able at any time youll say your on a fixed income or retired or bankrupt and ill ask you if you could just please donate just 100 dollars it would really help out we just cant let the democrats win if we do obamas plans for america will ruin this county, or something along thoes lines, anything to try and boost your pride or scare you.
i guess i dont really care im just going to quit soon anyways the job itself sucks and i feel bad about doing it. and like i said if you get a call, just hang up; its the best thing to do.

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and further on my last comment im not on anyone's side i just dont think people should be pointing the finger they should be doing something.