Friday, September 7, 2007

Special Election To Be Held To Fill Vacancy

Rep. Paul Gillmor, who represented northwest Ohio, died suddenly this week, creating a vacancy in the Buckeye State's 5th House District. First elected to Congress in 1988, Gillmor was considered a moderate Republican who pushed for enacting financial service reforms, establishing a national database for sex offenders and using energy bill funds to clean up commercially contaminated sites. He raised $3.5 million during his time in Congress, with commercial banks, insurance companies and electric utilities as his top donors. In his 2006 race, Gillmor raised nearly five times more money than his Democratic challenger. Re-elected with ease, he nevertheless drew criticism back home for living mostly outside of his district, in a $1 million house near his wife's job in suburban Columbus. Gillmor's body was found Wednesday at his townhouse outside Washington. A special election will fill the seat in the solidly Republican district.
*Rep. Paul Gillmor's Career Profile:

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