Sunday, July 22, 2007

Meet Rodney A Smith

Meet Rodney A. Smith. He is a political consultant and fundraiser.

In the past thirty years, he has raised over a billion dollars for candidates and political committees.

He has been the National Finance Director for the Republican National Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee and served as Treasurer and Finance Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. He holds a lot of power and influence in the Republican Party.

Rodney Smith works closely with his friend, telemarketer fat cat Gary Taylor of Akron, OH. They are busy queen bees these days, with another Democratic Debate around the corner. They are busy producing Fall marketing campaigns. Gary's IT department at InfoCision is creating calling lists of donors and gearing up to roll out their new Fall marketing campaign. All of Gary's 3700 poor telemarketers are learning scripts about people and issues they know nothing about...repeating to themselves...Alaska and Hawaii are states!Heck some of them can't even read..but God bless them, they try. The InfoCision Fulfillment Department is shining off those gavels and preparing to send out those NRCC Business Advisory Council National Leadership Awards. Even Business Advisory Council Chairman Congressman Tom Cole is practicing his lines on why this election cycle, his Republicans will be victorious.

President Bush’s poll numbers are hovering around 30 percent and Congress's are even lower, but National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Cole, R-Oklahoma, has told reporters he "feels good" about his party's chances in the 2008 congressional races.

In a recent briefing with reporters, Cole said the NRCC has recruited 15 to 20 "strong candidates" in districts that were closely fought in 2006, and said they were "pragmatic professional decision makers." He also said he expects an anti-incumbent mood to collectively benefit his party, which currently finds itself in the minority.

But Cole's job is made more difficult by the NRCC's financial disadvantage relative to its counterpart, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Cole said Thursday that the committee raised between $13 million and $14 million dollars in the second quarter, and currently only has $2 million cash on hand. Meanwhile the DCCC said Thursday it had raised $17 million in the same period and has $19.5 million on hand - nearly ten times more than the NRCC.

Both committees face debts of around $4 million.

As for the President's influence in the congressional races, Cole said "he won't be the decisive figure in the '08 election. There will be a new face on the Republican Party."

Cole also downplayed the effect of any particular Democratic candidate in motivating his party's voters.

"I don't think people vote for or against their representative on the basis of their presidential nominee," he said.

Fall is such a lovely time to roll out a new campaign. And if you like InfoCision's phony Business Advisory Council, you'll just love what Gary and his crack staff of writers have waiting for you when you receive the taped message from the Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Telling you what a great business leader you are and for just a few hundred dollars you, too, can have a Ronald Reagan "gold" medal, or a gavel or....We'll just have to wait until the fall to find out.


Anonymous said...

You know a lot about InfoCision are you bringing it down from the inside :0)

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better watch yo step playa because big brothas are trying to figure out your shoe size