Thursday, July 26, 2007

For Health Care Call George, Your State Senator

The newspapers are buzzing: More and more Republicans are talking about overriding President Bush's threatened veto of health care for kids.

This would be the first time Bush has suffered such a major defeat from his own party. And if Congress can beat back Bush's veto, we'll take a huge step forward in the fight for health care.

But the bill is still a few votes short, and Senator George Voinovich is key. Can you call him today?

Senator George Voinovich
Phone: 202-224-3353
Republicans are "very nervous" about voters punishing them for a vote against health care. We can tip the balance with our phone calls.

Right now, all across the country, kids are waiting in crowded emergency rooms. Many of them started to feel sick a few days ago, but their parents didn't go to the doctor because they didn't have health insurance. Now they've gotten sicker—and their condition is more expensive to treat.

It doesn't have to be this way. Our phone calls can begin a new day for health care in America.

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