Saturday, July 7, 2007

InfoCision and the Radical Christian Right

InfoCision Management Corporation is headquartered at 325 Springside Dr Akron, OH. (Pictured at left.)It was founded 25 years ago by its Chairman of the Board, Gary Taylor. It is the second largest privately held telemarketing company in the United States. Their specialty is raising money for radical Christian political organizations such as, Jerry Falwells Liberty University and Concerned Women For America. They raise money for Benny Hinn Ministries and Rod Parsley's World Harvest Church, (Aka Breakthrough Ministries) and Rod's Center For Moral Clarity. InfoCision markets itself as a Christian Company and even has the Christian flag flying alongside its corporate and American flag, Jesus would be proud. They have 3800 employees and pay some of the lowest wages in the market. They keep wages down by only expanding to cities with high unemployment.
And yet has been voted by the industry as one of the top places to work in Ohio...Hmmmm.
They often use similar scripting for the Christian/Political clients. Changing the scripts just so, to better fit the message of the Political/Christian candidate they are raising money for.
Right now, one of the biggest clients is the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The NRCC is the Republican Party's chief fundraising committee dedicated to electing Republican candidates to the U.S. House of Representatives. The NRCC has been doing a fine, dedicated job of fattening the pockets of InfoCision founder and Chairman, Gary
The National Republican Congressional Committee is well known for it Business Advisory Leadership Award. In which for a contribution, you can receive a color photograph of George W Bush and a gavel. Not just any gavel mind you, but an exact replica of the one used by the Speaker Of the House. Of course the scripting changed, when Nancy Pelosi became Speaker. No self respecting Christian Republican would want a gavel like the one used by Nancy...
With the blending of the extreme christian messages with the political clients how reaching millions of homes and business's every day. Newt Gingrich is planning whether to run for president based, in part, on how much money InfoCision raises for his group, called GOPAC.

Question: How can the Republican Leaders, like Newt Gingrich down play the role of the Radical Christians in their party?
Answer: Because that is the way it is scripted by their high priced marketing company.
One of InfoCision's newest clients is the National Republican Senatorial Committee.
Stay tuned.

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Very Interesting article. I just quit Infocision.