Sunday, August 5, 2007

David and Gary: Citizens United

One of the many questions missing from The Akron Beacon Journal's coverage of Gary Taylor is: How can the a man reconcile his professed love of Christ to the actions of life by supporting evil doer groups like Citizens United and the American Center For Law and Justice? The answer would be the ACLJ is on track to making Gary Taylor's InfoCision Management Corporation $10 million this year alone.
Another evil doer associate of Gary Taylor's not mentioned by the Akron Beacon Journal top notch journalist is David N. Bossie. David is the president of the extremist group Citizens United. His other organizations are The Presidential Coalition and National Committee For Faith and Family with Michael Reagan. One of David's first acts at Citizens United was to hire the radical Christian telemarketing firm InfoCision Management Corporation to help to destroy President Bill Clinton. InfoCision handles all the fundraising needs of David's various organizations to this day.
David was chief investigator for the Whitewater hearings held by U. S. Senator Lauch Faircloth, and was an investigator for Representative Dan Burton (R-IN), the chairman of the House investigation into alleged Clinton campaign finance abuses. The Clinton's were found to be telling the truth and no charges were filed.
In early May of 1998, David was fired for selectively editing and releasing to media the transcripts of prison conversations of former Clinton administration official Webster Hubbell that created the impression that Hillary Clinton was involved in billing irregularities at the Rose Law Firm where she and Hubbell both worked. Again, the Clinton's were found to be telling to truth and no charges filed.
According to the May, 1998 Washington Post the removal of Bossie "..came as Gingrich sought to contain the damage, condemning 'the circus' that took place within Indiana Republican Dan Burton's Government Oversight and Reform Committee and scolding Burton at a closed Republican Conference meeting for refusing to say that he [Rep. Burton] was embarrassed by the episode. Speaker Newt Gingrich said "I'm embarrassed for you [Rep. Burton], I'm embarrassed for myself, and I'm embarrassed for the [House Republican] conference at the circus that went on at your committee."
David Bossie is currently having InfoCision call people to offer "co producer" credits for a small donation for is latest smear piece call "Hillary the Movie" According to the website: Citizens United Productions is producing a full-length feature documentary about Senator Hillary Clinton. In the spirit of "Celsius 41.11", the film will include interviews with renowned Clinton expert Dick Morris and others. This project aims to expose the truth about her conflicts in the past and her liberal plot for the future.

As for the group Presidential
Coalition, David and Gary are dreaming new and innovative slogans for full page ads in USA Today, all paid for by other peoples money. The Good Christian Gary Taylor is not attacking poverty and hunger or lack of health care. He instead has attacked President Jimmy Carter, calling him the "Worst President." A question the Akron Beacon Journal could have asked is When was the last Habitat For Humanity house built by Gary Taylor?
As for David Bossie's other organization, the National Committee For Faith Family claims one of its goals is "to restore decency, morality, and the sanctity of family. It is our goal to raise public and political awareness of the filth and anti-Christian bigotry in America today."
Still no word from David or from Gary Taylor, of InfoCision, on how creating lies and deceit to destroy people they deemed not "Christian Enough", (As in the case of the Clinton, Gore and John Kerry) in order to gain power is in keeping with the teachings of Christ.


Anonymous said...

Be careful giving to this organization. If you receive a call ask them where they are calling from and who they work for. When they tell you ask them what % of the money you donate goes to Citizens united. They will tell you they dont know since they are calling new donors and you can go to to find out. They tell people this even if they are calling donors in their base, reason being they dont want you to know. Their latest gimmick is ask you a poll question if you are for McCain or not if you say yes they aggree with you if you say no they aggree with you and either scenerio pitch you for money. This should be illegal. Be careful who you are givin gyour hard earned money too.

Lisa said...

Actually, while I don't agree with a lot of stuff the ACLJ does, both they and Citizens United are good organizations that do exactly what they say they are doing. However, super-liberal people obviously don't agree and bash the group. Trust me when I say that MANY groups have administration/fundraising costs this high. That covers a lot of things.... offices, fundraising, consultants, administrators, direct mail people... it costs a lot of money to try to do good. Furthermore, tele-fundraising is one of the cheaper ways to give for an organization (and safer ways, despite what people think) than responding to countless mailings that cost an organization tons of loot. Get the real facts, people.