Monday, August 20, 2007

Friendly Wal-Mart Watch

In the average American county, when a Wal-Mart opens, 250 people at nearby stores lose their jobs and four local businesses close entirely within five years. [Charles Fishman, The Wal-Mart Effect, 2006]


Anonymous said...

The last time I checked, capitalism is legal and it is actually encouraged in this great country.

You just seem to be venting. What is your point?

Stop whining and shop somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Wal Marts keep "popping up"? People shop there! I personally don't for reason far different than the normal.

America should look at consumerism as a whole and not at any one store. Wal Mart is not the only store getting fat pockets.

Anonymous said...

oh, and also if you didn't know already, youre little bitter blog here is causing a huge angry stir at work. you are not winning any brownie points with management.