Monday, August 27, 2007

It's A Grand Old Party

The Chicago Tribune does a wonderful story on the Hunting of Hillary, and includes a little update on Citizen's United new movie:

"This conservative organization is releasing a film this fall about
Clinton that "aims to expose the truth about her conflicts in the past and her liberal plot for the future." The chairman and president is David Bossie, who was the chief investigator for the House committee looking into the Clinton-era Whitewater scandal before he was fired. Dick Morris, the Clintons' fired former consultant, is involved in the film."
Chicago Tribune: 'Vast Army Of "Hillary Haters" Has Claws Out'

It’s been four years since The Cleveland Scene broke the news that while Summit County GOP chairman Alex Arshinkoff ferociously supports anti-gay legislation by day, he cruises for nubile young boys by night [“The Godfather In The Closet,” June 11, 2003].

Thompson to Announce On Video

Fred Thompson's "decision to announce his presidential candidacy with a video was suggested by Newt Gingrich," Robert Novak reports.

Gingrich "has indicated he will run only if Thompson does not, or his late-starting campaign crashes and burns. Actor-politician Thompson plans to follow the model of Democrat Hillary Clinton by launching his campaign with a video, followed by a fly-around to several cities."

Thompson is expected to announce his campaign just after Labor Day.

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