Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sign O' The Times

InfoCision Management Corporation is now fundraising for Fred Thompson for President. Fred Thompson has very close ties with another InfoCision client, David Bossie.
Fred Thompson is currently working on a new taped message that he hopes will keep you on the line long enough for the telemarketer to cut in and ask you for your donation. The campaign should be up and running next week.

The Akron Beacon Journal wrote about Joe Finley trying to make the case to vote for him in the upcoming election. I am still uncertain voting for Joe would be a good thing. The Mayor has done a heck of lot for the Akron in the brief time that I have been here. I really do not know enough about Joe to risk not voting for the Mayor at this point. I suggest Joe get some help from InfoCision to get his message out there...Maybe he can get Fred Thompson to record a nice taped message on why we should vote for him.

While people picketed in Highland Square against Albrecht Corp for not keeping to their contract to put a grocery store at the corner of N Portage Path and W Market; Nonunion workers picketed the Akron Public School Board against their use of Union workers. At the same time, nonunion mine workers are still missing in Utah and mine owner Bob Murray is still repeating the lie that a earthquake caused the cave in.

In Montrose, I noticed the sign outside the nonunion McDonald's. The sign said it was hiring up to $7.75 per hour. How can anyone afford rent and a car and health insurance at that wage? Is health insurance even a possibility? And yet our leaders say the jobs are out there, Americans just don't want to work them. But Americans do take those jobs. They take those jobs because they have no choice. They take the job because while they were "downsized". They take the job because the Christian Radicals now in the Oval Office allow corporations to replace those on strike with scabs. Americans take those jobs because our elected representatives have allowed corporation after corporation to move overseas- busting up pensions and forcing men and women to go from making $16 or more per hour to the McDonald,s wage of up to $7.75 per hour. They have allowed companies to use off shore mail boxes as the address for their corporate headquaters to avoid taxes.

Nonunion companies know they can treat their employees
any way they want because they are the Working Poor. The Working Poor can't go to the local employment attorney and pay them the retainer of a few thousand dollars to fight to get their pay when their pay checks are short, or forced to work unpaid through their break. Or when they sexually harassed or suffer from any other form of discrimination. The Working Poor live in fear of being fired for reporting unsafe working conditions. Nonunion companies bring down the standard of living of all of us. The signs of this are here for everyone to see.

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